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Instrument Rentals:

Many instruments that are found online are not really violins or violas. In the music world, they are often referred to as “VSO’s”, violin-shaped objects. They are not built to exact specifications needed to succeed. More time is spent tuning and adjusting these VSO than actually playing them. It is very difficult to get a good sound while playing them (even for professionals!). This often leads to frustration for the student, as he or she has to put more effort than necessary to get the VSO to sound even remotely like a violin or viola. Please do not buy an instrument online, unless it is from a reputable shop listed below.

High quality online rentals are available from Shar Music (, or can be obtained from Ken Stein Violins in Elmhurst. Stein Violins has beautiful rental instruments, and will ship them to your home. Please contact them for monthly rates and other information.

Local Violin Shops

(instruments for rental and purchase, repairs, accessories, sheet music)

Online Shops

Other Resources

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