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My 9 year old, E., loves Lauren! As our first experience with Violin (or any stringed instrument, for that matter), Lauren has provided an excellent foundation. E. looks forward to lessons, and even practicing, if you can believe it. Lauren introduced rhythms and skills in a fun, engaging way. She listens to and interacts with the student, and doesn't just teach with the expectation of a child to be still and listen. My 4 year old, A., is now interested in violin, and Lauren has been drawing out her shy personality with her gentle, and kid-friendly approach, working on beginning skills at a size and pace just right for my girl. I highly recommend Lauren as an instructor.

Carrie V.

"Our oldest child began taking violin lessons from Ms. Lauren at the age of six. Immediately we were impressed with Ms. Lauren's patience and kindness when working with young children. Her use of fun games and songs really helped our child learn the fundamentals quickly. In fact, her lessons were so much fun that after two years our second child began lessons at the age of five. And two years after that, our third child began lessons at the age of four.

"During our time with Ms. Lauren, each of our children developed an amazing ear for music and learned excellent violin technique. The poise and confidence they have developed through their practice and lessons and through their participation in recitals have carried over into other areas of their lives, too. When attending recitals with Ms. Lauren’s students, we were always impressed with how well-prepared and poised each musician was, regardless of age. It was very clear to us that Ms. Lauren’s teaching has had a positive impact on all of her students.

"We were very sad when Ms. Lauren moved away from us; but in the six years we worked with her, our family has been blessed to have known such a wonderful violin teacher. And by starting with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals, our children were easily able to transition to a new teacher, who was very complimentary of the violin education our children had received up to that point."

Joe and Katurah M.

Lauren Canitia is a highly experienced violin teacher—an excellent choice for students of all ages. She adheres closely to the Suzuki methodology, focusing on such things as listening to each piece before learning to play it, playing by rote until hand positions and aural skills are adequately developed, encouraging parental involvement, and playing in ensembles.

Although Miss Lauren’s focus is on careful, precise work and much repetition, she also makes creative use of teaching aids and games to inject fun into her lessons. My granddaughter, Marah, remembers her as someone who is kind and makes learning violin fun.

Miss Lauren’s expectations are high, but her demeanor is kind and encouraging. She pays close attention to details, from the position of the hands down to the placement of the feet. She encourages students to take part in regular recitals and cultivates proper concert etiquette.

-Beth Ann Miller, Ed. D in Music Education

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